terms and conditions:

Use of this website assumes that you have read and fully accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below. By signing up to a free Ipod offer, you acknowledge you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions set out below. reserves the right to change its Terms & Conditions at any time, for any reason, without notice. We also reserve the right to change the methods through which free items are earned, the free items available (which may be subject to change depending on availability, and the discontinuation of models) as well as the amount of referrals needed for an iPod. allows the completion of one sponsored offer accurately, then a variable number of referrals for the receipt of a free selected gift.


1. Valid Information.

(a) All users shall provide accurate information about their identity.

(b) A user must have a valid email address and a valid postal address in the United Kingdom. We only allow one account per postal address. More than one account in a household may result in the suspension of accounts without prior notice.

2. Accounts.

(a) Users are not allowed to have multiple accounts. All multiple accounts found to be fraudulent and which violate these Terms and Conditions will be placed on hold. We have measures in place to track users and their accounts and frequently use them.

(b) Only one account is allowed per postal address. We do this to ensure quality leads for our advertisers. Since we are 100% advertiser supported, we cannot afford to support multiple accounts at the same postal address. If there is more than one user at a postal address, we suggest that they share an account. All accounts which are found to contain shared postal addresses will be placed on hold.

(c) A single user may not have multiple accounts at more than one postal address. For example, a user may not have an account at a street address and a PO Box.

(d) A user may not use another person's name or information to receive products from this website. For example, one person may not join the site for another person, or complete offers for another person's account.

(e) Referral credits cannot be transferred between accounts, we make no exceptions to this rule.

(f) Each user is personally responsible for maintaining the security of his or her account. A user should not share his or her account information and is responsible for keeping his or her password confidential. is not liable for any losses incurred through the access of your account by a third party or the disclosure of your password or account.

(g) Any user who has his or her account placed on hold may not create another account on any of the websites. All parties residing at the same physical address as a user on hold will be affected by this mandate and thus, will also be placed on hold indefinitely.

(h) A user, by signing up to the site acknowledges they are 18 years of age and a UK citizen. In some cases to verify this we may ask for proof.

3. Emails.

(a) By signing up for this website, the user agrees to receive emails we may send about special offers on our website, as well as third party advertisements or offers.

4. Security.

(a) Any unauthorized use or entry ("hacking") in the website is illegal and is punishable by law. The slightest violation of any law will provide sufficient impetus for us to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of that law.


1. Completion of Offers

(a) Users may only receive credit for first time offer completions. If the user has previously signed up for an offer elsewhere, he or she cannot receive credit for completing that offer on our network.

(b) The user must complete the offer by clicking on the offer from this website and nowhere else (including any of our affiliates, competitors, or the offer provider's website). Users must click the offer link via our page in order for us to correctly track and credit for a user's offer completion. Note that some applications like spyware blockers, or popup blockers may preclude these links from functioning correctly.

(c) In order to receive proper credit for completing an offer, a user must make sure that his or her browser settings are set to accept all cookies, and that they click our exact offer link to get to the offer provider's website.

2. Failure to be credited for an offer

(a) does not guarantee that a user will receive credit for an offer. We reserve the right to refuse crediting a user for offer completion for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, lack of appropriate information, improper sign-up method, improper browser settings, and/or a history of manual credits. Manual credits are offers that are credited through emailing confirmation of completion.

(b) We are not responsible for delays in reporting offer completion or failure to receive offer credit. The time it takes to receive credit varies greatly depending on the advertiser used.

(c) The user is responsible for saving all of the confirmation emails they receive associated with offer completion. We will not manually credit a user for an offer without receiving a confirmation email from the user. A confirmation email is an email that a user receives from an offer provider after their offer requirements have been fully satiated. However, presenting a confirmation email does not guarantee that a user will receive credit.

(d) If a user believes that they have fully completed an offer and yet, has not been credited, the user should once again make sure that they have in fact met all of the requirements stipulated by the offer provider and should verify that he or she has waited the appropriate amount of time for offer completion to be reported back to this website (this amount of time varies per offer). If the user confirms that they have performed all of the necessary actions, and have waited a sufficiently appropriate period of time, he or she should contact us via our customer service form on our website. The user should note, however, that reserves the right to deny credit for an offer.

3. Terms of Offers

(a) is not responsible for the terms and conditions of any of the affiliated websites or partner offers on our website. We try to screen all potential offers, but it is down to the user of the site to ensure they fully understand the terms and agreements of any offer.

(b) All users complete offers through affiliates at their own risk. We are not responsible for services or products associated with our affiliate offer providers. If there is a complaint about services or products received from an affiliate, users should directly contact the offer provider in question, as opposed to ourselves although in some cases we can contact the affiliate network if we receive a number of complaints.

4. Eligibility for Receiving a Free Item

(a) Users must do the following to be eligible to get approval for their free Ipod to be posted to them.

i. Complete and get credit for at least ONE sponsored offer from the list of sponsored offers in the site.

ii. Refer the required number of unique referrals for their chosen gift, who also complete ONE sponsored offer each.

(b) A user may complete more than one offer, but cannot earn more than 1 free product with their account. Any additional offer completions will not result in any additional free items.

(c) Referrals completing multiple offers will only count once towards referral accruement for the referrer.

(d) We will only give out credit for referrals who join by clicking on your referral link code. Anyone who does not click this URL or type it into their web browser exactly cannot be tracked, and thus, cannot be connected to your account. Note that some applications can remove the tracking part of this URL. Users assume the risk of not getting credit for some referrals when using our website.

(e) Users may only receive 1 free item per account.

(f) Users must be residents of the United Kingdom, and can only have one account per postal address.


1. Receipt of free gift

(a) After a user completes the steps required to receive the product, will take measures to ensure that the user receives their gift within a reasonable amount of time. Delivery times vary but most orders are received within 30-45 days.

(b) On occasion, products may be back ordered or discontinued from our supplier or their manufacturer. In cases involving backordered products, products will ship as soon as they are made available. In cases involving discontinued products, we will re-issue you credit so that you can order another product of an equivalent value on our site.

2. Delivery of gift

(a) All orders are mailed to the address provided by the user at the time the user claims their gift. It is a user's responsibility to verify that the address provided is correct. is not responsible for lost gifts stemming from incorrect postal addresses, theft, or erroneous deliveries.

(b) If a user does not receive their gift , he or she should make sure that they have waited the appropriate time period and confirm that the postal address given is indeed correct.

4. Availability of Products

(a) On occasion, free gifts that appear on our website may be back ordered or discontinued from our supplier. In cases involving backordered products, items will ship as soon as they are made available. In cases involving discontinued products, we will re-issue you credit so that you can order another product of an equivalent value.

5. Return Policy

(a) If a product is found to be defective, the user should consult the warranty information included with his or her free item. We are not responsible for the repair or replacement of defective products. The majority of our products are shipped direct from the manufacturer, supplier or a retail establishment - if you believe a product to be defective, please contact us for their details.


1. Common Reasons for Being Placed on Hold

(a) Multiple accounts.

(b) Fraudulent referrals.

(c) Negative feedback from one of our affiliates or offers being completed and immediately cancelled.

(d) More than one account at a user's shipping address.

(e) Posting information on a website, forum, or auction that has to do with "cancelling the offers" included, but not limited to, cancellation phone numbers, cancellation time frames, and any encouragement or direction to cancel the offers after signing up with them.

(f) Any other reason or a combination of reasons at the discretion of the administration department.

2. Additional terms regarding "hold" status

(a) We reserve the right to place a user's account on hold at any time.

(b) We are not responsible for notifying a user about his or her account being placed on hold.

(c) If an account is placed on hold, all vouchers will be frozen.

(d) A user who has had his or her account placed on hold may not create another account.

(e) A user's account will be on hold indefinitely. Holds do not expire.

(f) A user may not receive any reimbursement for points or referrals accumulated prior to being placed on hold.

(g) If a user feels that he or she has been placed on hold in error (i.e. has not acted against the terms of, he or she may contact us via our website.

(h) We reserve the right to place a user's account on hold after they have gotten credit for a free item, and even after ordering and receiving their free item. We also hold the right to follow up legally on fraudulent activities.


(a) Due to the volume of customer service requests, we do not offer a telephone support. All questions, comments, and concerns should be sent to us only after reading our entire FAQ page on our website, as many answers to common questions can be found on that page.

(b) Please allow five business days for responses to customer service inquiries.

(c) In order to ensure the preservation of account security and to promote customer service efficiency, users should only email us using the address with which they signed up for this website.

(d) We reserve the right to block any email address.